Surgical weight loss is a hotly contested topic. Some feel it’s a miracle. Others, like Polly Bauer, one of the participants in the Skinny Gut Diet project, have a different story to tell. Of course, I knew from personal experience that by eating the right foods for a balanced gut, most of us are one step closer to losing weight and keeping it off for good. But would that prove to be the case after a lifetime battle with weight and ultimately a surgical failure?

Polly is an acclaimed international speaker and credit card industry expert who recently co-authored an award-winning book titled, The Plastic Effect: How Urban Legends Influence the Use and Misuse of Credit Cards. For 44 years she has been educating corporate executives, merchants, and consumers on the use and abuse of credit cards. (Her new book is a must-have if you carry plastic!) It was fascinating when Polly shared with me that the core concepts she learned following the Skinny Gut Diet were as critical in providing her with optimum physical health as understanding credit is too strong financial health.

I’m thrilled to tell you it was Polly’s good fortune to lose 37 pounds on our Skinny Gut Diet program and experience the resilience of her digestive system. Her return to health was a testimony to the powers of healing inside us all. Read her story below.

What attracted you to the Skinny Gut Diet?
I knew I would have a proven, tested, well-researched program to dedicate myself to. When I start a program, I go all in. I’ve been following Brenda Watson for a decade or so and greatly respected her knowledge base and integrity. When I heard about the possibility of being a part of the original Skinny Gut group, I pursued the opportunity.

Tell us about your success with the Skinny Gut Diet.
I began to understand food and nutrition in a way I had never grasped it previously. I was surprised at how easy the meals and snacks were to prepare, once I got the hang of it. I came into the program after a lifetime of dieting, and a failed lap-band surgery. I was haunted by the misery of daily nausea and frequent vomiting. I was ecstatic, after starting the supplement program, to see those horrible chronic symptoms simply vanish. There are no words to describe my relief and gratitude.

What surprised you most about the Skinny Gut Diet?
In a very short period of time, I completely lost my sweet and salt cravings. They disappeared around Day 5! I never had really understood how sugar, and also carbs (even gluten-free ones) were damaging my health.

How easy is it to follow the Skinny Gut Diet away from home?
I travel internationally as a speaker, so this was somewhat of a concern early on. I quickly realized that I could easily order foods that were healthy for me everywhere I went. Once I understood the nutritional component of the foods, I became empowered to dine globally and stay with the program – no problem!

Why do you think the Skinny Gut Diet worked so well for you?
Through my lifelong battle with weight, I always placed too much emphasis on what the scale said in the morning instead of how I felt inside and how I fit into my clothes. It was an interesting experience with the Skinny Gut Diet. I am a person who wants results quickly. With the Skinny Gut Diet, I was continuously motivated by how rapidly my body dimensions were changing. Other participants mentioned they noticed the same thing. It seemed like I was literally shrinking, even when the numbers on the scale didn’t decrease as quickly as I might have liked. I experienced “looking good and feeling better” results faster than I ever had before and that kept me committed. This is truly my lifestyle – for life. I’m a Skinny Gut Girl forever!

Would you recommend the Skinny Gut Diet to others?
Absolutely! Keep this secret all to myself? Never. I tell everyone I meet!

You can read more about Polly’s story on page 28 of The SkinnyGut Diet. She’s truly an inspiration!

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