Is your doctor missing important clues about your health status? Do you have certain health issues that always seem to come back no matter what you try? Integrative medicine may be the answer. Integrative doctors combine the best parts of modern and alternative medicine to get the whole scoop about what’s really going on with your body—kind of like filling in the blanks so you can finally see the complete picture!

This Wednesday on the Poop Scoop I’ll be talking with Dr. Erika Bradshaw, an integrative doctor who uses both traditional therapies and alternative healing methods to provide her patients with a comprehensive health plan to help them look and feel their best every day. We’ll talk about the difference between traditional and integrative medicine, how to choose an integrative doctor, and what you can expect upon your first visit. Together Erika and I have helped people just like you discover the path to vibrant health and energy, so be sure to tune in!

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