If it’s true that a picture says a thousands words, a movie must say a million! That’s why my team and I recently put together a video that reveals about my own personal journey from poor health to vigor, and how my career focus on good digestion has helped me put millions on the same path.

My journey began in the mountains of North Carolina. Unlike my happy, healthy siblings, good health continually escaped me. First it was the over prescription of antibiotics, then the migraines, then the chronic fatigue. I spent more time in doctors’ offices and hospitals than any child should. Underlying it all, I was chronically constipated, and that had devastating effects on my body. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I really understood why, and empowered myself to fight back.

It was then that I decided to learn everything I could about natural digestive health, earn my N.D. and C.N.C. certifications, open natural digestive care clinics, and found Renew Life with my husband Stan. I’m happy to report that I’m now sharing this knowledge and the right digestive care products (and the feeling good that comes with it!) with the world.

Follow along at www.youtube.com/brendawatson. Then use my experience to help you look and feel your very best from the inside out!