Notable News – In August the American Heart Association presented new recommendations about how much added sugar Americans should be eating, and all I can say is it’s about time!

For decades we’ve consumed way too much sugar, resulting in higher rates of obesity and related conditions like high blood pressure, high triglycerides, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, and that’s just naming a few! Excess sugar consumption also feeds harmful yeast like Candida in the gut, so when I heard the news, I knew we were finally taking a step in the right direction.

The AHA now recommends no more than 100 calories daily of added sugar for women, and no more than 150 for men. If you think about it, this means that if a woman drinks only one soda, she’s already over that limit!

On average, Americans consume almost three times the new recommended amounts, and it has to stop—for our health and for the health of our kids—so let’s start today! Look at how much added sugar you consume in your diet, and I bet the amount will surprise you. Start reading labels too, and soon you’ll be making better choices about what you put in your body.