Skinny Gut DVD + BONUS SET


Reveal Your Inner Weight Loss Secret + 5 BONUS DVDs to Help Get You There

Have you been on countless diets with little success, or tried reducing fat, sugar, carbohydrates, calories, and portions and still haven’t lost weight? That’s because no one ever told you the one thing that could unlock your weight loss potential for good. In one of her best PBS specials to date, Skinny Gut, Vibrant You, Brenda Watson uncovers that your weight issues have to do with the trillions of bacteria inside your gut and whether they are in balance or out of balance. If you have ever struggled with weight gain or poor health yet never realized your approach was all wrong, this show is for you! Includes 30-minute bonus Q&A with Brenda plus 5 Bonus DVDs: Skinny Gut Staples, Cooking with Brenda, Skinny Gut Power Tools, Fermentation Kit Demo, Fermentation Facts

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