Gut Bacteria and Immunity

Renew You Challenge Let’s start this week off right!  Here is your newest weekly challenge (I mean opportunity!) to help set you off on the right foot and in the…

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Madonna’s Digestion

  Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Did you hear about Madonna’s diet? It’s full of fermented foods rich in probiotic bacteria to which her personal chef attributes Madonna’s excellent…

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Gut Bacteria and Allergies

Gut health is the foundation upon which total-body health is built. That is the message Brenda and I have been promoting since the beginning. Over the years, scientific support of…

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Sugar Is Toxic

A recent 60 Minutes segment with Sanjay Gupta will hopefully open the eyes of many people who might not otherwise be exposed to such important information on the toxic effects…

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Antibiotic Overuse in Children

In pediatric medicine, antibiotics are among the most commonly prescribed medications, with more than 30 million prescriptions written each year. A recent study analyzed antibiotic prescribing patterns in outpatient visits…

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