Have you heard about nutritional diagnostic testing but wondered where and how do you find someone to do them? Does your traditional doctor even know what your talking about? How do you know which test is right for you? Join me on the Poop Scoop as we discuss the types of nutritional diagnostic tests, which ones are the best, and how to go about getting them done. The information provided by this type of testing can change your life and your health forever! After all, if you do not look on the inside, how do you know what is going on!

My guest, Dr. Jeffrey Valen, has been a Chiropractic Physician for the past 19 years. Since 2007 Dr. Valen has been the managing director of  Lab Testing Direct Corporation. Lab Testing Direct offers a wide range of “direct to consumer” laboratory products and services, all without the need for a doctor’s office visit. In addition to the traditional blood sample draw performed at a lab, Lab Testing Direct also specializes in nutritional and health assessment testing, including many “At Home” test kits. Some of these kits provide “on-the-spot” results, while other kits allow for a saliva, stool, urine, or blood spot sample to be taken at home, and then mailed directly to the lab for analysis. They even have new environmental and substance testing to allow for analysis of the patient’s home environment. Good info…don’t miss it!