A month or so ago, my assistant reached out to me and said that one of her favorite television personalities, Gretchen Christine of The Housewives of Orange County fame, was having digestive difficulties and had reached out to her Twitter fans asking for suggestions for natural solutions. As the Diva of Digestion, naturally I wanted to help if I could. Thanks to social media, I messaged Gretchen and shortly we were person to person on the phone.

Gretchen shared that the stress she’d been under lately, specifically long hours at work and travel, had her feeling run down and experiencing an annoyingly persistent upset stomach. She also noticed she hadn’t been sleeping soundly and just wasn’t feeling her best even though she was extremely happy with how things were going in her life. Certainly from our perspective, things would appear to be going well for her; however, it’s important to remember that even wonderful events can be stressful and impact our health unless we remember some basic strategies to maintain our strength. The truth is, digestive health is at the core.

It was interesting in speaking with Gretchen that she was recently made aware of probiotics and enzymes. She learned of these things from her fans, which warms my heart. Many had even mentioned ReNew Life. Thanks to all of you who have cared enough to share your own health journeys and have become your own health advocates! Educating and increasing awareness of digestion has been my personal crusade over the last 20 years, and I see your voices as evidence that indeed you were listening!

Gretchen is essentially a very healthy young woman so I expect that modifying her diet and supplementing with a foundational digestive program will show good results. That program is the  H.O.P.E. formula, which stands for High fiber, Omega-3s, Probiotics and Enzymes.

Initially many people think of the H.O.P.E. formula as supplements found in a bottle.  When you look more closely, however, the elements of H.O.P.E. are also important nutritional elements of a well-rounded eating plan. The increased potency available in supplement form is necessary to deal with today’s toxic and stress-filled lifestyles. Learning about H.O.P.E. is much more than which bottle of pills to take—it’s literally learning a lifetime maintenance plan for your body’s digestive system!

Additionally, more often than not, symptoms like those Gretchen describes point toward a food sensitivity. Experience led me to suggest that down the road she also consider testing for gluten and other types of food intolerance.

Although many times positive change is seen right away, to really stabilize gut health and establish new dietary habits, I usually suggest a person commit to a three month program, which Gretchen did. I’m looking forward to hearing updates on how she’s feeling as time passes.

And thanks again for helping me to spread the word. Working together, we can get the message out—heal your gut and you’ll heal your body!