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Gut Bacteria Balance is in Flux

by Brenda Watson


The 100 trillion bacteria that live inside the human digestive tract are the subject of many studies currently underway. Researchers the world over are trying to figure out which microbes constitute a “healthy microbiome,” which microbes protect our ... Read more.

Drink Too Much? Fish Oil May Help Offset Damage

by Brenda Watson


Long-term heavy use of alcohol can lead to brain damage and increased risks of dementia, so the search is on for treatments that offset this damage. In a recent study published in the Public Library of Sciences ONE journal, researchers tested the ... Read more.

Low-Carbohydrate Diet for Diabetics

by Brenda Watson


One of the best ways to get diabetes under control is by eating a low-carbohydrate diet. Carbohydrates include mostly sugars and starches, with fiber making up a smaller portion. Starches—as found in breads, pastas, pastries, crackers, etc.—break ... Read more.

Breastfeeding and Birth Weight Predict Inflammation Later in Life

by Leonard Smith, M.D.


Inflammation is one of the main ways in which the body heals itself. When inflammation is employed in the short term, it comes and goes when needed, and is resolved in due time. When you get a cut or bruise, or when your body fights a cold, you ... Read more.

Probiotic Bacteria Prevent Weight Gain in Mice

by Brenda Watson


The connection between gut bacteria and weight gain is a subject of great interest among researchers. It’s a topic of great interest to me, too! The search is on for probiotic therapies that prevent weight gain. In a recent study published in the ... Read more.

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bwatson on Diarrhea following Gallbladder surgery

Digestive Wellness Community


Dear Mary,

It's very common to experience diarrhea after gallbladder removal. This usually clears in 1-2 months as the liver and intestines learn to deal with the fact that there's no longer a gallbladder to collect the bile. From now on, ... Read more.

krba on Preteen probiotic recommendation

Digestive Wellness Community


Thank you so much for your kind reply.  I agree that what is done is done, but it is still hard sometimes to not feel "mom guilt" for my part in not giving my kids the best physical start in life.  I read so much these days about the importance ... Read more.

marytx on Diarrhea following Gallbladder surgery

Digestive Wellness Community




I had my gallbladder removed not too long ago and ever since I have been having  lots of problems with diarrhea, is this normal?



Read more.

bwatson on Slow moving bowels that come out in pile

Digestive Wellness Community


Dear seeking and Casey,

Thanks both of you for writing. And Casey, excellent advice.

If you're looking for a Functional Medicine Doc, here are 2 websites that might help you locate someone near you. Read more.

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