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Cruciferous Veggies – Friend or Foe?

Sometimes it seems like everything that I love to eat, and even the foods that I’ve learned to love to eat, are found have something ‘wrong’ with them. Do you know the feeling? My entire career has…



Increase Your Magnesium – A Message Wo…

I’ve been addressing constipation issues a lot recently, due to the fact that they seem epidemic in our country! And constipated people are very commonly magnesium deficient. It’s been really great to interac…



What Does “Fresh” Really Mean?

I was walking through the produce section of the grocery store the other day and a lady looked at me and asked where the locally grown produce was located. I replied with “I usually look for the areas of organic vs…


Digestive Wellness Community

Posted: 05.22.15

bwatson on Round and Round I Go…

Hi srodes, I know we sent you an evaluation of your CSA. I hope it was helpful for you.  Everyone responds to probiotics differently, however a dosage of 30 billion usually wouldn't create diarrhea. In fact, I gener…


Digestive Wellness Community

Posted: 05.21.15

Ljh421 on skin rash…

I started taking the ultimate flora vaginal support for my chronic candida, yeast infections.  After a few days I noticed I developed a rash on my chest.   Should I stop taking them?  Am I getting an…


Digestive Wellness Community

Posted: 05.16.15

Olea on chronic hepatic flexure syndrome…

It was at the presentation at Community Natural Foods in Calgary a couple of weeks ago or so. Thank you Brenda for a very informative evening, I appreciated your knowledge and enthusiasm. I have been suffering for severa…


Skinny Gut, Vibrant You Promo

Why did you write The Skinny Gut Diet?

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Brenda Watson on The Suzanne Show Discussing Probiotics

Sandi’s Chocolate Pumpkin Treats

For a treat that satisfies your sweet tooth without adding on the pounds, these chocolate pumpkin cups are the perfect choice. I keep them on hand for a sweet treat without the sugar. These chocolate cups have only 0.5 t…


Roasted Brussels Sprout Leaves and Leeks

I have found that even the most devote Brussels sprouts haters actually love to eat the leaves. That’s good news because these nutritious veggies are so good for you and your liver. I like to use my hands when prep…


Fresh Cranberry Relish Delight

This delicious relish is a new twist on an old favorite. A refreshing hint of sweet without all the sugar, this cranberry delight is sure to please. 15 minutes to prepare Serves 16 1 large unpeeled orange, cut into wedge…


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